Cider House Sessions - Live at Reverend Nat's

by Tony Furtado

For years Ive wanted to have an album in my catalogue that has the feel and ease of a show played in my living room with a few friends I love to share tunes and songs with, surrounded by more friends who just want to hear us play and laugh, lights dimmed, and a few 50,000 gallon tanks of cider brewing behind me!

Well, here it is! The fine folks at Reverend Nat's Hard Cider here in Portland Oregon opened their doors to us on more than a few occasions (6 to be exact!) to give it a go. We got a few keepers early on, but the last night was the one. I was joined by some of my favorite musicians for this whole run, the ones represented on this album are Matt Flinner, Luke Price, Rob Burger and Stephanie Schneiderman.